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Note:The information below is also in the festival brochure, which is available for download on our download page.

The festival planners have made their best effort to maximize participants’ exposure to our excellent teachers while still allowing time for practice and jamming.

Music or information for each class will be posted as available.

NEW! Proposed Class Schedule, please be aware the schedule may change at the festival.


This Year's Class Offerings

Hurdy-gurdy in the French Tradition


Music (PDF):



We owe much of the hurdy-gurdy’s worldwide resurgence in the past three decades to France, whose musicians nurtured their existing tradition into something that not only could sustain itself, but also inspired flourishing traditions in other lands. French repertoire and technique will be taught this year by French player Thierry Nouat.

Thierry Nouat

Early, Renaissance & Baroque Music

Medieval Music (PDF):

Baroque Music (PDF):


Explore the rich traditions of hurdy-gurdy playing in Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music with Canadian recorder and hurdy-gurdy player Tobie Miller, who divides her time between Basel and Montreal and performs with groups such as Castello Ensemble, Les Jongleurs de la Mandragore, and the award-winning Ensemble La Rota.

Tobie Miller

Hurdy-Gurdy for Beginners


Music (PDF):

  • OTW BEGINNER 2010 (1.09 MB - pdf)
  • Message from Scott! videos are available on various Hurdy-Gurdy techniques. It would be helpful if students view the videos BEFORE the festival.

    There are currently videos up for trompette technique on Scott's youtube channel. It is listed under the name Fahnreich or can be found by looking up "hurdy gurdy lesson".

Start out on the right foot with instruction that covers all of the basics: body posture and ergonomics, tuning, applying rosin and cotton, melody playing with the left hand, and rhythm playing (buzzing) with the right hand. Learn some easy tunes and join in the fun of playing live music for dancing on Saturday night. Instructor Scott Gayman will be showing the beginners how to get cranking.


Scott Gayman

Instrument Set-up and Maintenance

Like it or not, most of us do not live within shouting distance of a hurdy-gurdy luthier who can help us when our instruments misbehave. Every player can benefit from learning what to do when our keys and pegs stick; our strings screech, buzz, or whisper; our tangents freeze up or snap off; or someone puts a greasy finger on the surface of our wheel. Hurdy-gurdy builders Cali and Alden Hackmann offer a wealth of valuable information.

Non-Traditional HG (facilitated by A&C Hackmann). The alternative technologies and environment are explored with demonstrations, explanations, hands-on participation. Students are encouraged to share their techniques and bring examples of their work. Amplification and effects processing are explored

Focus & Specialty Classes

The variety of interest and skills participants bring to the festival is inspiring and just plain fun. To meet some of the request from participants, there will be several short classes dedicated to Hurdy-Gurdy related topics.

If you have questions about what class you should take, please contact Joanne Andrus, 253-838-2045 or


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